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       ACUVUE NON PRESCRIPTION   Wishing to sport contact lenses and that to non prescribed ones, here is the thing for you, ‘Acuvue’. This brand of disposable lens, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson was introduced in the year 1987. Acuvue lens was first started by Frontier Lens Company in Jacksonville. It was headed by Seymour Marco, an optometrist , who in 1970s found out etafilcon A that was used to make soft lenses. In the year 1981, he sold the company to J&J and the name of company was now Vistakon.

                     The scope of business being limited, Vistakon  started utilizing Stabilized Soft Molding technology. Then came into existence, Acuvue in the year 1986.  At first it was recommended for a week’s use which later on turned out to be a daily wear lens , some of them being Acuvue 2 and Oasys. At present, all its manufacturing units are in United States of America and just one subsidiary in Ireland.

               Acuvue is perhaps the most trustworthy brand in the field of non prescribed contact lens production. It is a brand that you can really rely on because of the master class lens makers it has. Along with comfort and safety ,the best thing it offers is the style. This innovative journey started with the launch of Acuvue 2.

                  Acuvue 2 was the first of its category to be launched which was then followed up by Oasys. Acuvue 2 series provides two month disposable lens and the other being 1 week disposable. Johnson & Johnson, maintaining its peak standard, started manufacturing colored  contacts under the banner, Acuvue.

                  The ultimate goal of Acuvue is to produce unique and smart lenses for the well being of your eye. The brand not only looks after the health of eyes but also focuses on establishing a wide range of colors in the contact lenses, the company produces. The brand is known for the variety of lens it produces, may it be funky or classic, the first choice the demands of the public, which in turn makes it one of the best in the respective business.

FreshLook V Acuvue

                     ACUVUE NON PRESCRIPTION   After the soaring success of Acuvue 2, the company did not hesitate at all from introducing Acuvue Oasys in the market. Oasys, unlike Acuvue 2 is a medical device which  sells prescribed lens for certain eye disorders. But you will be glad to know that colored contacts can also be used for medicated purposes which means eye sight issue or no eye sight issue, color contacts are for all. Oasys series is not meant for style and innovation. It’s a medical series that produces lens for correct vision issues like myopia,  Hypermyopia and astigmatism. These lenses are generally for two weeks and come in a set of six in each box. These lenses are also available with varying life spans but mainly biweekly and bimonthly are more common. Other such options are daily disposable , annual disposable, weekly disposable and monthly disposable.


                 ACUVUE NON PRESCRIPTION The lenses can be bought as per necessity and comfort issues that you have. The contacts exhibit a healthy advantage over spectacles and it’s a genuine comparison where lens wins 90 times out of 100.Now coming on to the types of colored contact lenses, Acuvue has two different categories:



                   Enhancers are the full colored ones that are designed for the best coloring of eye in no time. These generally include aquamarine, emerald green and ocean blue.

                 Now coming on to the opaque category , the colors included are deep blue, jade, warm honey, sapphire, hazel green and pear gray .Excluding these primary category , colors like blue, green , gray and honey are the major ones.

              Has anyone noticed skin tone and lens color combination of the English Pop singer , Rihanna? Isn’t she just too good a style symbol! She has a combination of chocolate skin tone and green pair of lenses which is a perfect fit. It might not suit everyone but I think anyone having body specifications and dressing sense like her will just stand out in the crowd of people ACUVUE NON PRESCRIPTION.

                 Honey as the name goes is a symbol of seduction .A pair of honey colored lenses is best for sporting a seductive look and addition of such color to eye just makes an ordinary eye lash look trendy and glamorous. The eye lashes can be enhanced a bit more just by adding false lashes so as to increase the length of the lash. The length of the lash depends upon eye make up that you use.

              A fair skin combined with a pair of blue lens is just like beauty with the beast. It’s a terrific combination as per the fashion standards are concerned. Such combinations will not allow you move your eyes from them. This combination is a magnetic one and will pull many towards you. Deep blue is also a good option for the fair skin tones. Application of deep blue contacts on a dark brown eye is just like some extra cheese on your pizza. It just gets better. ACUVUE NON PRESCRIPTION

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