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Free contact lenses by mail Young adults may not always prefer to wear spectacles all day long as they may find them tedious sand cumbersome to wear. Some people also feel that glasses make them look nerdy or geeky. A pair of spectacles may well cover almost half of the face; one may also feel that that they conceal the true facial features.

It is for this very reason that most people now prefer to opt for the convenient alternative of contact lens. No one will ever know that you short of far sighted and ladies can wear eye makeup as well as spot trendy eye wear.

History of Contact Lens:

It may appear hard to believe, but the concept of contact lens was first researched and introduced in the 16th century by one of the greatest artists and inventors of all times, Leonardo Da Vinci. His experiment required him to place a man’s head in a bowl of water. He made a contact lens using a funnel and pouring water through it. For obvious reasons of impracticality, Da Vinci’s experiment was immediately rejected. However, his research provided the ground work for future scientist to work upon Free contact lenses by mail.

Free contact lenses by mail

Developing upon Da Vinci’s theory, French Scientist Renee Descartes, worked upon an idea wherein a lens was placed directly on the cornea of the eye. His experiment involved the building of a tube filled with water to be places directly on the eye. This option too proved to be impractical and was immediately discarded Free contact lenses by mail.

The modern day concept of contact lens as we know them today was only worked upon and developed in the nineteenth century. Thomas Young and Sir John Hershel, an English astronomer and scientist were the forerunners to suggest that an actual cornea replica can be created like a mould which can then be used to correct an individual’s visual abnormality.

Eventually, it was in the early 1880’s that the first contact lens known as scleral lenses, were independently created by Adolf Fic, Eugene Cult August Muller. The actual first ever contact lenses were made by F.A. Muller in 1887. Muller specialised in the manufacturing of artificial eyes Free contact lenses by mail.

In the 1930’s lens manufacturers began to use plastic instead of class to make the contact lenses. This change brought about a revolution of sort as the plastic lenses created were clearly transparent, light weight, unbreakable and scratch resistant. An added benefit was the fact that they were much easier to manufacture than their glass counterparts.

The decade from the late 1950’s to the late 1960’s may be considered as the Renaissance period for the contact lens industry. This is when it experienced its greatest boom. Athletes, models, actors and celebrities were among st the first who were willing to experiment their looks and try out these contact lenses. However, it was too long before this latest rage caught on with the young college students and office goers.

The best practice would be to consult a well-known ophthalmologist who would be able to provide details on all the best possible options available to the consumer. Individuals can try out the various colors that maybe available and see which shade of contacts best suits their facial features and complexion. All you need to do is to check out the option – Send Me Free contact lenses by mail.

It is commonly seen that those with a fairer skin complexion can be more bold while choosing the eye color. For instance, a purple or deep blue would look stunning with a fair skin. On the other hand, those with a slightly darker skin color can opt for the softer shades of brown such as hazel and honey. It has been noticed that colored contact lenses bring about a dramatic change in individual’s personality and physical appearance. Often small eyes also tend to look bigger, bolder and sharper just by wearing contact lenses of a different shade from the natural eye color.

Whatever maybe the choice of contact lenses whether colored or transparent, individuals need to ensure that all precautions are maintained while handling them. It would be the only way to ensure that contact lenses serve the purpose of providing crystal clear vision and also to protect the eyes from any sort of infection or discomfort Free contact lenses by mail.

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