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How to Get Low Cost Contact Lenses Cheap Contacts?

Sometimes glasses just aren’t the way to go, or, they were, and a change is needed. Trying contact lenses can be the change you want. There are many different kinds of contact lenses that would suit you. Check with an Ophthalmologist first, to see which ones are best for your eyes.

You can also ask for a sample pair of contacts to try out. Some places will not refuse this type of request because they want your business; if you’re satisfied, they will be, too. Look into as many brands as you can, ask the eye doctor or clerk representative (normally, the representative can assist you with selection) to show you what they have available.

Low Cost Contact Lenses

Getting low cost contact lenses is a breeze; buy online at any contact search engine. Some offer discounts of up to 70% off, depending upon when you buy, and the brand you purchase. Some will send you discounts in your email account as long as you buy from them; and some will give you discounts if you make them your exclusive retailer. In any event, you can purchase them anytime, day or night, online, for a very low rate.

Some tips on getting low cost contact lenses:Non Prescription Colored Contacts

  • Search the Internet and do your homework – you can find contact lens price comparison websites if you know which brand you are looking for.
  • Sign up for e-newsletters – on the websites of contact lens retailers, see if they have a sign up for special offers and discounts. You will then be notified when there is a sale, discount or special event going on.
  • If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Plan at your work or through your insurance, then you should be able to use that tax free money to buy not only your contact lenses but also things like contact lens solution and contact lens cases.

Contact lenses online come in full month supplies with accessories; holders, cleaners, and what is called, safe-tweezers, in order to pick up your lenses without having to overly touch them. There are many types; disposable, conventional (vial), Toric, RGB, and bifocal. They come tinted and/or colored.

Even if you obtain your lenses from the Internet, they are shipped in a safe container with a guarantee by the manufacturer. Let them know what day you need then, and the company will provide you with when their shipment goes out.

Remember, these companies will only ship out the brand that your doctor has recommended for you.

Other Ways to Find Low Cost Contact Lenses

You don’t necessarily want to go with a cheap brand, right? You want name brand contact lenses at lower prices. any why not? Here are some more tips to consider:

  • Watch for sales and special events (back to school, new year, etc.) Get on the mailing lists (snail mail and e-mail) to find out when they will have your contact lenses on sale.
  • Use your Flex or HSA (Health Savings Account). This will save you about 30% since it’s tax free money that you can use on medical expenses.
  • Make sure your health insurance doesn’t give you coverage on vision expenses.
  • Of course, search around. A few, quick searches online will get you lots of results for your brand.
  • Buy in bulk. Often, you can save cash by buying a whole year’s worth of contact lenses right away.

With just a little work on your end, you can save money. If you spend 20 minutes doing this work and you save $50, then that’s like working for $150 an hour – so your time spent saving money is definitely worth it!

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